Hong Kong Taxation

Tax Services

Every Company Incorporated In Hong Kong or Internationally and is making a profit will be examined by the local authorities. We can assist you with your taxation processes and save you from the troubles of conducting taxation matters for your company.

Filing for taxes

The final step for processing the Hong Kong company incorporation is to file for taxes. When your company starts its operations, it becomes mandatory to pay taxes. Filing tax can be quite challenging for companies without financial expertise. Outsourcing your entire taxation process to use can make your jobs easier with less financial management work to handle.

Detailed information of our taxation services

Our practice offers clients cost-effective tax planning and provides constructive advice on tax matters. With our valuable knowledge of clients' business and industry, we help our clients manage their tax affairs in compliance with the requirements of tax authority, assisting in finding opportunities in the form of significant tax savings. Our specialists provide assistance in various areas including corporate tax, indirect tax, personal tax and other regulatory matters in Hong Kong and China. Our specialists will focus on helping to enhance the potential benefit of local and state tax concessions and delivering practical approaches, which will also take account of any overseas tax consequences and can contribute to our clients' bottom line and cash flow.

Corporate Tax Advisory Services

Our advisory services assist clients’ businesses in handling their tax liabilities by ensuring that their activities are undertaken in a tax efficient way and to identify opportunities for tax savings. Our specialists help our clients to strengthen the bottom-line profitability and build shareholder value through effective tax planning, increasing tax compliance efficiency and improving related cash flow management. Moreover, we provide strategies for tax business activities to help our clients to reduce their expenses, and to control costs through improved administrative efficiency and compliance. In addition, we advise on the tax implications of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and conduct tax due diligence.

Profits Tax Compliance

We offer a risk-focused approach to help clients manage their profits tax compliance obligations. Our tax specialists provide our clients with tax effective arrangements to reduce their bottom line expenses within the framework of the relevant tax legislation. The tax services that we provide includes: acting as Tax Representatives, preparation of tax returns, assisting in response and management of queries from the tax authorities, lodging appeals and objections.

China Tax Services

We can help companies with operations in Mainland China with the specific tax issues that multinationals face in this market. We offer compliance and advisory services, such as preparation and submission of tax returns for individuals and companies, and negotiations with the tax authorities. Furthermore, we have specialists to assist you with trade and customs compliance.

Other Tax Compliance

Our tax experts also provide assistance on tax planning for individuals, advice on the development of tax-efficient remuneration packages and stamp duty planning and computation.