Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Infection

In view of the current coronavirus outbreak in China with rapidly increasing number of confirmed cases, Link-Pro CPA is cautious about the situation. As the health and safety of customers and staff are always our top priority.

In light of the latest development of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak, customers and staff are also advised to check their temperature before coming to the office every day. Those with respiratory illness or fever (oral temperature higher than 37.5?, or ear temperature higher than 38?) should refrain from coming to the office; and should wear surgical mask, consult with doctor immediately, and inform the doctor about their travel and exposure history.

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) advises the public to avoid close contact with people showing fever or respiratory symptoms in countries / areas with possible transmission of the novel coronavirus infection.

If you visited Hubei Province or a medical hospital in Mainland China recently, or had close contact with confirmed case of novel coronavirus infection while the patient was symptomatic, please closely monitor your health condition. Should you develop fever or acute respiratory symptom(s); please wear a surgical mask, seek further medical attention promptly, and inform doctor about your travel history. Be cautious, be safe.