Link-Pro Console Feature

Thanks to you, we are growing.

Link-Pro always strives to improve so that we can back-up our clients better. Following on that, we want to introduce our new console feature. We highly encourage you as our valuable clients, to utilise this new feature to improve your experiences with us.

This new feature will enable the users to access and to view their companies’ related information digitally which will save time by reducing correspondence, paperwork, and manual documentation. It will also provide remote access secured with personalised password.

Get Started

  1. For existing clients, you will receive a welcome email with an invitation link to activate your console account.
  2. Follow the instructions given to set up your password and complete our simple KYC form.
  3. Our officer will promptly check and approve your console account.

As this feature is new, it would be our pleasure to receive any feedback from you.