Gov. Subsidy for Retail Sector

In response to the arising epidemic HK Government is establishing relief scheme for retailers, under HK$30 billion “anti-epidemic fund”.

1. Definition

Retailing is the resale of tangible goods to general public for personal / household consumption, without transforming the goods in the resale process. Therefore the scheme does not cover personal and services businesses.

2. Subsidy Amount

Under the scheme, HK$80,000 will be provided to each eligible retail store. With maximum amount of HK$3 million to the parent company that operates multiple stores under same registration.

3. Procedure

For each retail store, applicants must complete and submit the online application, and upload the required documents during the application period (09:00 23 March 2020 to 23:59 12 April 2020).

For those who are eligible, please complete the procedure before the application period ended. Link-Pro is providing consultation as well to help the process.

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