Company Compliance FAQ

Annual Compliance Requirements, what you need to know on your company anniversary.

There are Annual Compliance Requirements established by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and Company Registry:

The Company Registry ("CR") is the government registry to keep track of your company, ...

Can I relocate to Hong Kong after I set up a Hong Kong Company?

Foreign entrepreneurs wanting to relocate to run their companies must apply for what is called “Investment Visa”. The application procedure for Investment Visa is comparable with that of Employment Visa under the General Employability Policy, with one exception that Investment Visa is intended for company owners. ...

Minimum requirements to set up a company in Hong Kong.

  • A limited company in Hong Kong will require at least one local or foreign director. ...

Is foreign income taxable in Hong Kong?

Foreign income is not taxable in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Companies are taxed on territorial basis, which means the companies are taxed solely on income generated or accrued from Hong Kong.

Can foreign individual or foreign company become the sole shareholder?

Yes, there is no restriction about it.

My company was dormant in the last financial year, what is my obligation regarding audited accounts filling?

The term "dormant" applies to ...

Does director or shareholder have to attend the incorporation of the company?

Not necessarily. With our service, the whole incorporation process can be completed online.

However, if you would like to open ...

Is it possible to change the name of private limited company after incorporation?

Yes anytime, by passing a "Notification of Change of Company Name" and must be filed with the Companies Registry within 15 days after the passing. Once the new name is approved, a “Certificate of Change of Name” will be issued.

How to de-register (close) Hong Kong private limited company?

It is important to de-register your company when you no longer need it, as the company has annual due diligences which need to be complied to. ...

How much does it cost to set up a private limited company in Hong Kong?

  • The Incorporation Fee of HK$1,720
    This is one-time fee charged by government to incorporate a limited company. ...

What documents are needed to incorporate a limited company in Hong Kong?

To incorporate limited company in Hong Kong, you will need to provide the following: ...

Why is a Company Secretary needed?

Hong Kong law requires every private limited company to assign a company secretary, which will become the primary in-charge of various administrative and reporting legal compliances. ...

Annual legal requirements for a private limited company incorporated in Hong Kong.

  • Business Registration Certificate
    Business Registration Certificate (BRC) is valid for either 1 or 3 years. For registered company, BRC renewal demand note will be sent by the Business Registration Office ...

What is the minimum required share capital for private limited company in Hong Kong?

There is no minimum required share capital, however the common practice is share capital of HK$10,000 represented by 10,000 shares of HK$1.00 each. The share capital can be increased at any point after incorporation. ...

What is the requirement for the shareholder(s) of private limited company in Hong Kong?

  • Private limited companies in Hong Kong are allowed to have 1 - 50 shareholdersThere is no residency requirement for shareholder
  • Director and shareholder can either be same or different person
  • Shareholder can be a person (an individual) or a company (body corporate)
  • Shareholder must be at least 18 years
  • Shareholder can be of any nationality