Q1: What are the reasons to use Hong Kong as a centre of business?

  • Hong Kong is an international business and financial centre. Many international companies have headquarters and offices here. Hong Kong can provide different forms of fund collections and business development channels to the enterprises such as bank loans and shares. Besides, Hong Kong is a place for the enterprises in Mainland China to enter the market for fund collection.
  • The economy of Hong Kong is one of the freest and most outgoing economies in world . Hong Kong is eager to join any international organizations. Furthermore, Hong Kong imposes no tariff and quota on goods and products. International exhibitions of different industries are held each year for promotion of brand which benefit the trading business.
  • Hong Kong has a simple and clear tax system. The maximum tax rates for profits tax and salaries tax are 16.5% and 15% respectively which are in the lowest tax rates group in the world. Hong Kong has no interest tax or sales tax, etc. No staff shall be imposed on import of machineries and materials of the enterprises. No salaries tax if the income is earned outside Hong Kong.
  • Hong Kong is an incorruptible city which provide fair competition among enterprises. Hong Kong has a complete and strict jurisdiction system and intellectual property law to ensure the intellectual property of the enterprises can be protected especially for the high-technology industry.
  • Hong Kong and the Central Government have signed an agreement called “CEPA” to promote closer business relationship between the enterprises in Hong Kong and Mainland China. ”CEPA” can give new business opportunities not only to the Hong Kong enterprises but also those in Mainland China and overseas companies. “CEPA” can also attract Hong Kong enterprises to invest in Mainland China.
  • Hong Kong has a lot of skilled workers who can speak English, Cantonese, and Mandarin fluently and they understand both western and eastern cultures as well. In addition, Hong Kong has the busiest air freight port in the world and the most widely-spread electric cables and satellite network in Asia.

Q2: What are the requirement for incorporation of a new company

  • The basic authorized capital is HK$10,000
  • The minimum paid-up capital is HK$1
  • Each company has at least one director and one member(shareholder) who can be a non-HK resident.
  • A person or corporation can be a director and a member(shareholder) as well. In the case where the company has only one member who is the sole director, a reserve director (who is 18 years of age or over) may be nominated in general meeting and act in the place of the sole director in the event of his death. There is no restriction on shares owned by non-HK resident.
  • Each company must have one company secretary who has to be a HK resident or a HK registered company and
  • The registered office of the company must be located in Hong Kong

Q3: What are the procedures for incorporating a new company?

  • Check a proposed company name to see whether the name had been registered in the Companies Registry(“CR”).
  • After receiving all information from client, we will prepare the necessary registration documents and forms to founder member(s)/member(s) and director(s) for signature.(It will take approximately 2-3 working days for preparation).
  • Each company has at least one director and one member(shareholder) who can be a non-HK resident.
  • After receiving the duly signed registration documents, we will submit the registration documents to the CR for registration and then the Registrar of Companies will issue a Certificate of incorporation (“CI”)within 4-6 working days and
  • After receiving the CI, we will apply the Business Registration Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department and update all statutory records within two days. The whole process for establishing a new company is then finished.

Q4: What are the requirement for incorporating a new company in BVI?

  • The basic authorized capital is 50,000 shares with par value or without par value and the minimum paid-up capital is 1 share; and
  • The minimum number of director and shareholder is one. A person or corporation can be a director and a shareholder as well.

Please note that every newly-incorporated company will be required to appoint first directors within 180 days from the date of incorporation and to maintain a copy of its Register of Directors at the Registered Office

Q5: What are the requirements of opening bank account for HK company in HK?

  • Copy of the following documents from directors, authorized signatories, principal shareholders and beneficial owners.
    • Identification document such as passport or HKID
    • Residential address proof issued by public company such as gas, water, or phone company(latest 3 months)
  • Proof of business such as business licence, audited financial statements, invoice, or contract (optional, subject to the bank’s request)
  • Bank reference (optional, subject to the bank’s request)
  • Director(s) of the company has/have to appear in person for opening of bank account.

Q6: What are the responsibilities of a Company Secretary?

  • Maintain legal document of the company such as Transfer of shares and Appointment/ Resignation of Directors and
  • File Annual Return or other relevant document to the Companies Registry before deadlines.

Q7: Are nominee services for directors and shareholders common in Hong Kong?

Yes. Since Hong Kong is an international financial centre, nominee directors and shareholders services are commonly provided by our secretarial company which the bankers accept.

Q8: What are the tax rates in Hong Kong and exemption on individual tax?

See our firm’s web site under most update tax details.