Distance Business Programme (D-Biz Programme)

About D-Biz Programme

On 16 May 2020 the government introduced another support scheme under the Anti-Epidemic Fund, D-Biz Programme. This scheme tailored to support companies to adopt IT solutions within their business, hence facilitating remote working during this epidemic. D-Biz covers 12 categories of IT solutions, in which each applicant can apply to implement 3 solutions ($100,000 subsidy / solution).

  1. Online Business
  2. Online Order Taking and Delivery, and Smart Self-Service System
  3. Online Customer Services and Engagement
  4. Digital Customer Experience Enhancement
  5. Digital Payment / Mobile Point of Sale
  6. Online / Cloud-Based Financial Management System
  7. Online / Cloud-Based Human Resources Management System
  8. Remote Document Management, Cloud Storage, and Remote Access Services
  9. Virtual Meeting and Conference Tools
  10. Virtual Team Management and Communication
  11. Cyber Security Solution
  12. Other Online / Custom-Built / Cloud-Based Business Support System


How Link-Pro Can Assist

We strongly encourage you to utilise this subsidy offered by the government to improve your business. We offer Cloud Accounting and Cloud HR Management services which both fall under the scope of D-Biz Programme IT Solution, we can assist you both in adopting and running the solution(s). For Cloud Accounting, Xero is our recommended software; while for Cloud HR Management. we recommend Talenox. This is your opportunity to move your business process to the cloud system. Link-Pro is an officially registered service provider (SP-086-423).


Audit and Monitoring

The government will require the applicants with approved funding exceeding $30,000 to be audited by independent auditor possessing Hong Kong CPA to ensure that the subsidy is appropriately used appropriately. Link-Pro is properly licensed as Hong Kong CPA, we are eligible to assist you with this process.


We are both capable and eligible to assist your company(ies) in this program, from application to implementation (end-to-end). Please contact us for any query.