Stamp Duty Rate Increase on Stock Transactions

Effective from 01 August 2021 – following the Revenue (Stamp Duty) Bill 2021, the rate of stamp duty payable for sales and purchases of Hong Kong stocks will be increased from 0.10% to 0.13%. In addition, please be reminded that the tax filing deadline for financial year ended December 2020 (D Code) companies will fall […]

2021-2022 Budget Speech Highlights

The 2021-22 Budget has been delivered yesterday (24 February 2021) by Financial Secretary, Mr. Paul Chan. It was announced that the Hong Kong economy shrunk by 6.1% in 2020, and is expected to grow by 3.5% – 5.5% in 2021-22. With ongoing epidemy, the economy has not come out of recession yet. Despite this, the[…..]

Hong Kong 2020 Policy Address

Hong Kong Chief Executive delivered her policy address on 25 November 2020, announcing the government plans for the coming year. The government predicts the economy will shrink by 6.1% next year. In order to sustain Hong Kong development; the government will continue to investing in infrastructure, developing land, and meeting economic and livelihood needs. The[…..]

Link-Pro Console Feature

Thanks to you, we are growing. Link-Pro always strives to improve so that we can back-up our clients better. Following on that, we want to introduce our new console feature. We highly encourage you as our valuable clients, to utilise this new feature to improve your experiences with us. This new feature will enable the[…..]

Fees Reduction on Annual Return and Companies e-Incorporation

The registration fee on Annual Return charged by Companies Registry will be waived for two years from 01 October 2020 to 30 September 2020 (both dates inclusive). However in cases of late deliveries, the waiver will not apply and the companies are still required to pay the statutory registration fee. In addition, with effect from[…..]

Technology and Voucher Programme (TVP) – What and How to Utilise It

About TVP TVP is government subsidy programme with the aim to support local non-listed entities in improving their competitiveness. Under TVP, eligible entities can get financing to instate technological services and solutions to improve their business – for example; cloud-based accounting, HR system, and Point of Sale system. Requirements, at the time of application the[…..]

Arrangement for Link-Pro Home Office Approach (Effective 15 July 2020) and D-Code Filing Deadline Extension

The latest surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong has led to new government restrictions on activities allowed. This message covers the effects from the restrictions to Link-Pro services, along with announcement from Inland Revenue Department to extend D-Code filing deadline. Our Services From Wednesday 15 July 2020 until further notice, our counter services hours[…..]

Post-50 Intern Plan

Link-Pro CPA has recently become a participating institution for the charitable government program “Post-50 Intern Plan”. The Employee Retraining Board (ERB) launched this program for the first time in 2019. The objective of this plan is to assist retired citizens above the age of 50 who still have the intention and ability to find employment.[…..]

Employees Retraining Board – Manpower Developer Status

With a view to instilling a corporate culture advocating the importance of manpower training and development, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launched the “ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme” (the Scheme) in December 2009 to recognise organisations which demonstrate outstanding achievements in manpower training and development as Manpower Developers (MDs). Link-Pro CPA has offered positions in[…..]

Individual Tax Return Filing 2019/20

We are now in the period to submit individual tax filing for year of assessment 2019/20. The call was issued by Inland Revenue Department on last 01 June 2020. IMPORTANT: The filing due date is on next 02 July 2020. Individuals who e-file their tax return may enjoy number of benefits including; pre-filling of data,[…..]