Arrangement for Link-Pro Home Office Approach (Effective 15 July 2020) and D-Code Filing Deadline Extension

The latest surge in COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong has led to new government restrictions on activities allowed. This message covers the effects from the restrictions to Link-Pro services, along with announcement from Inland Revenue Department to extend D-Code filing deadline.

Our Services

From Wednesday 15 July 2020 until further notice, our counter services hours will be adjusted to 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. In addition, all face-to-face meetings scheduled from 15 July to 31 July will be canceled. We will closely monitor the situation to determine whether it is necessary to extend these measures. Arrangements for future meetings will be advised in due course.

Our staff will do home office approach, and should you need to come to our office – please make prior appointment and remember to wear mask when entering our office area.

As the safety of our clients and staff is our top priority, the measures are designed to provide safeguard given the evolving epidemic situation while balancing the needs to ensure the services are well provided to our clients.

D-Code Filing Deadline Extension

For companies with accounting date falling within 01 December to 31 December (D-Code), the IRD have announced to grant a block extension to 15 September 2020 for tax representatives registered under the Block Exemption Scheme. Taxpayers who are not represented by agents under the scheme should apply in writing to the IRD for an extension should they expect difficulties in their fillings.