Accounting and Bookkeeping Service

Accounting Services and Bookkeeping Services Provided

Accounting and bookkeeping, consulting and training services are provided by Link-Pro since 2015. Our fast success is based on the relationships we build with our customers, which we accomplish by providing the convenient accounting services at your location and by becoming part of your team.

Accounting and Bookkeeping provided

Accounting & Bookkeeping, Consulting and Training services are available as needed and priced accordingly, which can include one or all of:

  • a one-time consultation
  • ongoing weekly, monthly or quarterly appointments
  • an annual review

We provide weekly, monthly, quarterly or as-per-needed bookkeeping services up to tax preparation for both manual and computerized systems.

  • We now offer Personal, Business, and Corporate Tax Return services!
  • Data entry on a regular basis or to assist in backlog
  • Provide analysis of Balance Sheet items, including investment portfolios, prepaids, inventory, etc.
  • Maintain Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Why do you need accounting and bookkeeping for your company?

Accounting and bookkeeping are of the greatest importance when running your business. Accounting is not just about calculating and counting money. Having good accounting records can also be very helpful to your business. With the help of a professional accountant, your company can find the most suitable business structure for operation. Excellent bookkeeping records also helps keeping track with all your business expenses and business growth.

Keeping financial records is mandatory in many countries. As a result, accountants play an important role in many international businesses company. Having an in-house accountant to handle your accounting and bookkeeping affairs could be an solution. But in reality, hiring or training an in-house accountant may be very costly. Not many companies will have the time and money to maintain an accounting department. Thus, outsourcing your company’s’ accounting and bookkeeping could achieve a better result.

Hiring outsourced accountant is an economical way for your company to handle financial records. An outsourced experienced accountant company like Link-Pro CPA Limited could handle your company’s accounting and bookkeeping in a high quality way. As we are dedicated to providing accounting services, our teams are more experienced and well trained in accounting and bookkeeping. With the best support backing up our accounting activities, we aims to provided the most suitable accounting and bookkeeping service. Payments are charged per service instead of per hour, which allows companies to be more flexible in managing costs.

Audit, Assurance and Taxation

The Hong Kong Companies Ordinance requires a company’s annual financial statements to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant. The audited financial statement must then be presented to the shareholders at the Annual General Meeting, then submitted or retained for submission later to the Inland Revenue Department. For international businesses, a statutory audit is also mandatory to submit to the local government.

Link pro CPA will ensure that your company’s audit is carried out and conducted in accordance with the Hong Kong Auditing Standards or International standards. The fees incurred will depend on how complex your corporate structure is, and what the scope of the audit arrangements for your business are.

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Why choose Link Pro CPA for your Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

Link-Pro CPA offers the full range of accounting and bookkeeping services for companies that wish to outsource their accounting needs. Our professional accountant are trained with the perfect skills for handling your company's accounting and bookkeeping.

After submitting your information to Link-Pro's accounting and bookkeeping service, we will help you analyze and provide you a perfect solution for your business accounting needs.

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